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Super Jeeps and Super Trucks

All Jeeps and Trucks have been adapted for Iceland’s unique geophysical conditions, primed for driving through deep snow, traversing the lava deserts and crossing glacial torrents. All our vehicles are equipped with 38” to 46” tires, GPS, VHF radios and all the equipment necessary for making your journey through Iceland’s wild and beautiful highlands both comfortable and safe.


Modifications of 4x4 Super Jeeps and Trucks in Iceland

Before any modified vehicle is certified and approved it must comply with strict rules and specifications set by the authorities.Today modification of 4x4 vehicles is a major industry and Iceland is exporting this expertise to other countries with difficult terrain. Norway and Afghanistan are two examples. When driving on snow the purpose of the large tires becomes clear. When deflated to 2-3 lbs, for example, the tires flatten out creating a broad surface area which enables the vehicle to drive safely over the snow crust. Notes on the modification of Super Jeeps and Super Trucks. To fit the 38” to 46” tires the chassis and body are suspended to allow pieces to be cut away and the fenders removed..New large fenders are then fitted and the differential lowered so the vehicle drives as it would with standard tires. Next an air-locker for the front and rear axles is fixed into place. In most of the trucks an extra gear box (cowling gear) is incorporated for the very slow driving needed for crossing deep snow. The body modification is completed with the addition of an extra fuel tank, extra steering jack, new suspension system springs, an air compressor for refilling tires and a compressor for the air-locker. With the final addition of a winch, extra lights, a roof box, a customized jack, GPS and VHF radio our vehicles are fully-equipped to meet the regulation high standards. | Reykjavik, Iceland |e-mail: | Copyright @ 2009 - 2017